Canyon de Chelly National Monument

Information about Canyon de Chelly National Monument on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Arizona. There are actually two scenic canyons within Canyon de Chelly National Park, Canyon de Chelly, which can be viewed from South Rim Drive and Canyon Del Muerto, which can be viewed from North Rim Drive.
Canyon de Chelly in Arizona

Tours of Canyon de Chelly
Information about companies offering tours of Arizona's Canyon de Chelly. Visitors can take one of the Thunderbird Lodge Tours and they can also hike in the canyon, tour the canyon on horseback, hire a guide to take you in your vehicle or in their four-wheel drive vehicle.

Hotels Near Canyon de Chelly
Where to find hotels and other accommodations near Canyon de Chelly National Monument in Arizona. Includes the Thunderbird Lodge, the Navajo Land Inn, and hotels near Canyon de Chelly by Best Western, Holiday Inn, and Quality Inn.

Canyon de Chelly National Monument
Official United States National Parks Service Web site for Canyon de Chelly National Monument. Includes driving directions, operating hours, and information about Canyon de Chelly's history and culture.

Wikipedia Introduction to Canyon de Chelly
Article with information a description of Canyon de Chelly, how it got its name, its history, and a gallery of photos.

Frommer's Canyon de Chelly Guide
Includes an introduction to Canyon de Chelly, a trip planner and information about attractions, shopping, hotels, and events in Canyon de Chelly and the surrounding area.

Articles About Canyon de Chelly
- Wikipedia "Canyon de Chelly" Article
- WikiTravel Canyon de Chelly Travel Guide
- American Southwest "Canyon de Chelly"" Article
- Canyon de Chelly Geology Footnotes
- Centennial Strategy for Canyon de Chelly (PDF)

More Canyon de Chelly Resources
- NPS Reservations: Canyon de Chelly
- Photos of Canyon de Chelly by James Jacobs
- Video of Canyon de Chelly by Travelistic
- Map of Canyon de Chelly (GIF)

Sightseesing in Canyon de Chelly

Park Entrance
- Visitors Center

North Rim Drive / Canyon del Muerto
- Antelope House Overlook
- Antelope House Ruin
- Standing Cow Ruin
- Mummy Cave Overlook
- Mummy Cave Ruin
- Yucca Cave Ruin
- Massacre Cave Overlook
- Massacre Cave
- Tsaile Lake

South Rim Drive / Canyon de Chelly
- Tseyi Overlook
- Junction Overlook
- Junction Ruin
- White House Overlook
- White House Trail
- White House Ruin
- Sliding House Overlook
- Sliding House Ruin
- Face Rock Overlook
- Face Rock
- Spider Rock Overlook
- Spider Rock
- Bat Canyon
- Monument Canyon

Other Canyon de Chelly Sites
- Anasazi Mummy Cave Ruins
- White House Ruin (Anasazi cliff dwelling ruins)
- White House Trail (2.5 mile roundtrip from the White House Overlook)
- Spider Rock (800 foot high sandstone spire)
- Petroglyphs (aka pictographs)
- Standing Cow Ruin (in Canyon del Muerto)
- Hogan

Rock Art Viewing in Canyon de Chelly

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